Intensive Programs

Intensives are custom-designed workshops that utilize a multi-dimensional approach to treatment. Ideal for individuals who might not meet the criteria that requires a 30 day inpatient rehabilitation program or unable to make important changes through convention therapy. The intended outcome is to stop compulsive addictives patterns that are causing major consequences or disruptions in life.


CCSH offers:

Partner’s Workshop

Partner’s workshop provides a safe environment for healing for the identified patient and their spouse. It also gives an opportunity to tend to their relationship issues. Both partners examine how developmental experiences impact current conflicts and learn how to integrate effective conflict resolution skills. The identified patient is not isolated from realities of daily living while in therapy.


Sexual Compulsivity

This is five day workshop is offered for individuals struggling with sexually out of control behaviors. These include the following:

  • Obsession with pornography in any form
  • Substance abuse and addiction related to sexual behaviors
  • Traumatic re-enactment past sexual experiences
  • Affairs, one-night stands, sex with prostitutes and escorts
  • Internet sex (pornography, video camera, and cyber sex)
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Sexual Anorexia
  • Anonymous Sex, Public Sex, Lewd Conduct
  • Love & Relationship Addiction

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