Sex Addiction Counseling

Counseling Center for Sexual Health specializes in treating many forms of addiction, with a main focus on sex addiction counseling in Westlake Village. We believe that there is no clear-cut model for addiction of any sort, and thus there is no “clear cut” solution that is the same for everyone.201004_104_SexAddict

CCSH prides itself on looking into the individual as a whole and examining all possible causes of addiction. As we find this, we are able to tailor a solution to what will work best from you, and be there for you every step of the way along your road to recovery.

If you or someone you know may need sex addiction counseling in Malibu or anywhere else in the greater Los Angeles area, please visit our resources page to take a free online assessment. We also provide many other valuable pieces of information on the resources page including:

    • •The three C’s of addiction
    • •External articles on pornography and sexual health
    • •Videos on various different issues relating to sexual problems
    • •Various support groups for helping you in addition to sex addiction counseling in Westlake Village


There are many various aspects of sexual addiction, and many of them may not be as obvious. For example, a person who is acting out in terms of seeking prostitution or an affair in a relationship would be a more straightforwardly obvious issue. However, there could be other issues arising to threaten a relationship that are not as obvious, such as erectile dysfunction (ED) that could be stemming from one or more of a wide range of sources.

At CCSH, we are aware that this is a very sensitive subject to many people, and one that can cause pain, distress, and shame if not handled with a professional who respects you and your boundaries. As such, we take great measures to ensure your confidentiality is maintained as is mandated by the law. We also take all issues presented extremely seriously and will always be respectful and professional throughout the whole process of recovery.

In addition to treating sex addiction counseling in Malibu, we also cater to other issues as we realize that many sexually-related issues can relate to other relationship-based issues. We have support for partners, group therapy, marriage and family therapy, individual therapy, intensive programs, and much more. Additionally, we do evaluations and tests to see that the measures we are taking are working to help you on your road to recovery and health.

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