Sexual Addiction

Where an individual exhibits obsessive thinking about sex and persistent compulsion to engage in sexual behaviors despite negative consequences. Some essential characteristics of a sex addict would include:

  • Obsession that is characterized by thinking and planning around sexually acting out. This obsessive thinking keeps the addict from being emotionally available to self or others and sets up a precursor to act out sexually to avoid feelings or painful realities
  • Compulsion is experienced by the addict to act contrary to their free choice or stated values. The urge to engage in the behaviors is more powerful then an individual’s will and with full knowledge from experience that it will lead to suffering. The rational explanations the addict uses describes his/her moral feelings, excessive libido or to force outside of self.
  • Negative consequences that always results when the addict engages in sexually acting out behaviors. The addict continues over and over again the same patterns in spite of loss of family and other relationships, humiliation social isolation and at times arrest.
  • Tolerance develops as the addict is driven to act-out for increasingly longer periods of time and takes on increasingly riskier behaviors to achieve the same sensation of euphoria.

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