The Holidays


CCSH wishes you and yours a very happy holiday season!

Holidays typically bring a ton of emotions, especially towards the end of year. The people you see or do not see; the relationships that are missed; the family coming into town that you would love to avoid. The list of examples is endless and specific to everyone. But more often than not, there seems to be this overwhelming feeling of pressure and anxiety building up. It is important to have adaptive coping skills to help balance the equation out. Self care is unique for everyone (massage, a walk, spending time with friends or alone, quiet time, movie, etc.), and is especially important when the chaos of life is escalating.

With New Years right around the corner, ask yourself, “What do I hope to see for myself in 2016?” Reflecting back on 2015 and observing what worked and what could be improved or different is a great starting point. Once you find out what you would like to see change then ask, “How do I hope to accomplish this?” Then comes the most challenging part… follow through.

Creating a sequence of short term goals allows for progress and encouragement along the way towards a long term goal. Setting goals too large in the beginning can feel unattainable and discouraging. It is important to allow yourself the accomplishments of realistic short term goals to continue motivating you to the finish. Sometimes it is not always about the destination, but about the journey it took to get there.

If you need assistance with creating a plan, sorting through the holiday emotions, etc. CCSH is here for you. We have multiple therapists on staff waiting to help. Call or email today!

-Darilyn Shano, M.S., MFTI

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